Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions about any of our products
or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us
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General Questions

Yes! Both the StrideOn and Orthomate fold up for easy transportation or storage. There are two options for folding, you can either lower down the steering column and then tuck it under the knee pad making it easy to pick up. Additionally, you are able to fold the frame completely for that extra space if required.

Both the StrideOn and Orthomate provides you mobility and independence and is much safer than a normal walker or crutches. It lets you rest one knee on the comfortably cushioned resting pad and keep that leg completely off the ground. You can steer and scoot around with the other foot, without putting any pressure on the upper body.

If the StrideOn or Orthomate is delivered via courier they will come 90% assembled. Items such as the knee pad, basket will need to be secured, the back wheel folded out (StrideOn only) and the steering column adjusted and tightened to suit you. Select the correct position for the knee pad that will suit the injured side and slot into position (check the bottom of the knee pad for the correct side). Adjust the height by positioning the pin through the whole that provides the best support height for you then tighten the thumb screw to secure the knee pad in position. The basket hooks onto the pegs secured to the steering column. Instructions will be included with your hire. Please read all manufacturer directions and instructions before using any of our equipment.

Yes! The central steering design of our Knee Walker/Scooter allow for easy maneuvering. They work similar to a bicycle turning the handles left or right, which then turns the front wheel in the direction you wish to go.

Yes, it will work on most carpets. If you have rugs over carpet, we would advise you to take up the rugs whilst using the Knee Walker/Scooter, to prevent creasing.

Yes, every hire or ex-hire purchase is thoroughly cleaned and serviced to ensure it is in good working condition each and every time it is sent out. Purchases of new products are taken out of the box for a quality check, packed up and couriered or they come assembled if picked up from our Brisbane office.

We understand that through normal use, the product cannot stay in a pristine state. Normal wear and tear is related to tyre, knee pad and handle wear.

Hiring & Purchasing Questions

You may be able to recover costs for one of our medical devices, please contact your insurance provider for more details. Please also note we cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed nor are we able to file on your behalf.

If your planned surgery date has changed, no worries just call us on 07 3423 0487 or email to change your hire period.

Yes, we have minimum hire charge for our products

      • StrideOn, Orthomate and Wheelchairs – The minimum hire charge is $70 which lets you hire up to 25 days.         
      • Shower Stools – The minimum hire charge is $35 which lets you hire up to 25 days


If you wish to cancel your hire you may do so within the first 2 days of receiving your equipment by contacting the office 07 3423 0487 or send an email to See Can I cancel my hire?

You can complete your payment when completing your order online. You will be able to make a payment using your credit card details or via your PayPal account if you have one. If you have any difficulties you can contact the office 07 3423 0487 or send an email to

No, no security deposit is required for hiring from StrideOn Australia

No, we do not charge you for any transit time when delivering or returning your hired equipment.  Your hire period begins on the start date you specify at checkout (which is when your equipment will arrive by courier) and ends when you inform us, which must be no later than the specified completion date of your hire period.  We DO NOT need to receive the returned equipment within your hire end date; as long as you have informed us it is ready for collection on your preselected end date. You will not be liable for any extra fees should you follow this instruction.

When your equipment hire is over or you no longer need it. Please pack up your hired equipment in the original box and packaging and inform us immediately. We DO NOT need to receive the returned equipment within your hire end date; as long as you have informed us it is ready for collection on your preselected end date. You will not be liable for any extra fees should you follow this instruction.

If you would like to purchase one of ur StrideOn or Orthomate products we sell both new and ex-hires. Check out our products page to see what we have available.

Yes, you may purchase the equipment you are currently hiring. The cost of the ex-hire will be dependent on the condition of the equipment. Contact the office 07 3423 0487 or send an email to if you wish to enquire about the cost to purchase the equipment you currently hiring.

After notifying us of the issue, we will determine with your help what repairs are needed and the best way to resolve them. If replacement parts are needed we will send them via courier along with instructions on how to make the repair. A replacement model may be sent at our discretion, based on availability and degree of repair needed. We strive to provide the very best service to our customers with the least amount of inconvenience.

Once you receive delivery for hired equipment, you are responsible for its safety. If any equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the customer will be responsible for paying for its repair or replacing the StrideOn Knee Walker at the model list price as per the terms and conditions agreed to as part of the hire process.

If you lose your box you are responsible for its replacement as we are unable to send you a new box or packaging. It is the customer’s responsibility to safely return and equipment hired back to us and to properly package in side a carton to ensure no damage is done during return transit.

Returns and Cancellations

To cancel your equipment hire contract, you must notify us by telephone. If your equipment has not been dispatched, a full refund will be issued. Please note that your hire equipment may be dispatched several days before your hire start date in order to reach you in time.

If your hire equipment has been dispatched or you are within the first 2 days of your hire period and you wish to cancel for any reason, contact via telephone is required within the first 2 days of your hire. If your hired equipment has not been delivered yet, you must accept delivery of it. Refusing delivery or “Return to Sender” status boxes may result in additional fees deducted from your refund.

Once we receive your hired equipment is received at our office, we will then issue your refund. As detailed in the terms and conditions, the standard cancellation fee is $50.00. If courier delivery is refused the cancellation fee is $100.00. If your hire period is on or past the 3rd day, your hire cannot be cancelled for a full refund. At that point the 2 week minimum hire applies.

You can inform us that you do not want your hired equipment up to 2 days after your hire starts. You should have received instructions to return your hired equipment with you delivery. You must inform us within the first 2 days, otherwise you will be charged for the minimum hire period of 2 weeks.

Courier/ Shipping Questions

No, courier costs will be calculated separately when you book online the initial delivery cost will be included in your payment. Return courier instructions will be sent with the equipment and payment for this is additional and is not included in the initial payment costs. Alternatively, equipment can be picked up from our Brisbane Office.

Email us at to request this and we can provide a quote for you

All our equipment is delivered via couriers across Australia and pick ups are available from our South Brisbane location for those nearby.

Yes, the equipment hire return courier is not organised at the time of booking as quite often people extend their hire period depending on how their recover is going.

The instructions on returning the equipment will be sent to you with the delivery. Alternatively, you can return the knee walker for free to our South Brisbane office.

If your hire or purchased equipment is damaged in transit we must be notified immediately, so we can verify the claim and notify the couriers. We ask, if possible, for you to help us by providing evidence in the form of digital photos to speed up the process by emailing us at We may send a replacement product, before receiving the damaged item back, at our discretion.

Complaints Process

You can make a complaint to  StrideOn  about our services or products by emailing us  at or contacting us  directly  on 07 3423  0487.

Where possible complaints will be resolved at first contact with StrideOn staff.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint preferably in 1 business day and aim to resolve a complaint within 21 business days of receipt, notifying you of what we will do in response to your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with our response to the complaint you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on 1300 363 992 (Enquiries Line)

You can complain to the NDIA (The National Disability Insurance Agency this is the government body that oversees and implements the NDIS scheme) via e-mail to or by phoning 1800 800 110.

Allow the NDIA 21 working days to respond to your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the NDIS response to your complaint, you can use the following process.

If you can, use their online form to submit your complaint or you can also call them on 1300 362 072.  If you are hearing, sight or speech impaired, you can contact them through the National Relay Service;

    • TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for 1300 362 072.
    • Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 1300 362 072.
    • Internet Relay users connect to the National Relay Servicethen ask for 1300 362 072.